Dead Sea Scrolls & the Bible - Fort Worth, Texas Exhibition

Interesting Facts

The Dead Sea Scrolls were probably hidden during the First Jewish Revolt against the occupying Romans in A.D. 66-70, when Qumran was destroyed and abandoned.

At first, few believed the scrolls could be more than a few hundred years old. But Carbon-14 testing and handwriting analysis confirmed some are more than 2,000 years old.

Even taking into consideration the dry climate and the protection provided by caves, the survival of the scrolls for so many centuries is astounding.

Using ink made from iron salts and tree fungus, and parchment made from goatskin, the Dead Sea Scroll scribes had to copy each word painstakingly by hand.

The Copper Scroll, from Cave 3, includes a list of underground hiding places believed by some to hold treasure.

Text on the Dead Sea Scroll fragments has actually cleared up some of the differences between other historical biblical manuscripts and our modern translations.

American principles such as freedom, equality and justice can all be traced back to the Bible and Judaism.

Dead Sea Scrolls & the Bible is one of the most comprehensive Dead Sea Scrolls exhibitions ever assembled.

At least 12 fragments that were previously hidden in private collections are on public display for the first time ever.