Dead Sea Scrolls & the Bible - Fort Worth, Texas Exhibition


Joan & Andy Horner Lecture Series

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During the course of the exhibition, lectures by international historians, linguists and scholars took the study of the scrolls even further, from the mystery of their origins and the miracle of their survival to their impact on Western civilization. Several active archaeologists discussed fascinating recent discoveries in biblical archaeology and delighted audiences with stories from the field.

A CD of each past lecture is available for $5.00, plus $2.50 for shipping and handling within the United States. A ZIP drive of the full Lecture Series is available for $20.00, plus $5.00 in shipping and handling in the U.S. International purchases and mailings will be priced based on location. Call to purchase or gather additional information about Lecture Series recordings.

Information on recent speakers is available below.

  • Tuesday, July 10 - Dr. Shalom Paul [+]

    “The Ever-Alive Dead Sea Scrolls and Their Significance for the Understanding of the Bible, Early Judaism, and the Birth of Christianity”

    Shalom Paul

    Professor of Bible Emeritus, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

    Shalom Paul is one of the world's leading authorities on the Bible. He is chairperson of the Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation and a former chair of the Bible department of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Dr. Paul was the editor of the Encyclopedia Judaica's Bible section and has written six books and over 40 articles on nature and scientific exploration from a biblical perspective.

    He is also the author of “Amos (Hermeneia);” “Divrei Shalom: Collected Studies of Shalom M. Paul on the Bible and the Ancient Near East, 1967–2005;” and The Almanac of the Bible. He is co-editor of The Illustrated Dictionary and Concordance of the Bible.

  • Tuesday, July 17 - Dr. Steven Ortiz [+]

    “The Search for Solomon: Recent Excavations at Tel Gezer”

    Steven Ortiz

    Associate Professor of Archaeology and Biblical Backgrounds and Director of the Charles D. Tandy Institute for Archaeology, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

    Steven Ortiz is a biblical archaeologist with more than 20 years of field experience. His research focus is on the Iron Age in the southern Levant, and how archaeological methods and theory can reveal the history of ancient Israel and the Hebrew Bible. Dr. Ortiz has been a senior staff member on several archaeological field projects, and is currently the co-director and principal investigator at Tel Gezer.

    Dr. Ortiz grew up in East Los Angeles and has traveled extensively throughout the Middle East. He lived in Israel for over four years and spends most of his summers there. He has contributed to more than 100 radio interviews, newspaper articles and denominational publications.

  • Tuesday, July 24 - Dr. Matthias Henze [+]

    “A Dead Sea Scroll on Stone? The Gabriel Revelation and Its Significance”

    Matthias Henze

    Watt J. & Lilly G. Jackson Chair in Biblical Studies and Professor of Religious Studies, Rice University

    Matthias Henze has lectured widely in Europe and the United States, has won three teaching awards, and has published several articles, encyclopedia entries and books, including “Biblical Interpretation at Qumran” (an edited volume) and “Jewish Apocalypticism in Late First Century Israel: Reading Second Baruch in Context.” He is currently working on a critical commentary on Second Baruch (under contract with De Gruyter).

    Dr. Henze was born in Germany, and graduated from the University of Heidelberg in 1992 with a Master of Divinity/Graduate Theological Degree in protestant theology. In the same year he moved to the United States, where he earned a doctorate from Harvard’s department of Near Eastern languages and civilizations, and joined Rice’s department of religious studies.

  • Tuesday, July 31 - Dr. Randall Price [+]

    “Evangelicals and the Dead Sea Scrolls”

    Randall Price

    Distinguished Research Professor and Executive Director of the Center for Judaic Studies, Liberty University; Founder and President of World of the Bible Ministries, Inc.

    Randall Price has served as director of excavations on the Qumran Plateau in Israel since 2002. He is also adjunct professor of apologetics at Veritas Evangelical Seminary in California.

    Dr. Price has contributed to numerous publications, including New Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible and Encyclopedia of Apologetics, and co-authored the Zondervan Handbook of Biblical Archaeology. His many books include “Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls” and “Searching for the Original Bible.”

    Dr. Price has taught at the University of Texas (Austin), The International School of Theology, Trinity Southwest University and Criswell College, and has done post-graduate work at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

  • Tuesday, August 07 - Dr. Peter Flint [+]

    “The Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls: Ancient Evidence and New Readings”

    Peter Flint

    Canada Research Chair of the Dead Sea Scrolls; Director of Dead Sea Scrolls Institute; Professor of Religious Studies, Trinity Western University, British Columbia

    Peter W. Flint (Ph.D., Notre Dame, 1993) has edited many Dead Sea Scrolls for publication, including the Psalms Scrolls from Nahal Haver and from Cave 4 for the series “Discoveries in the Judaean Desert.” He has published several articles and books, including the critically acclaimed “The Dead Sea Psalms Scrolls and the Book of Psalms,” and was co-author of the widely-read “Dead Sea Scrolls Bible.”

    Dr. Flint recently completed the official edition of the Great Isaiah Scroll and the second Isaiah Scroll from Cave One. He is currently preparing a full edition of the Cave 11 Psalms Scroll for the series “Dead Sea Scrolls Editions” and the Pseudo-Daniel Scrolls for the Princeton Dead Sea Scrolls Project.

  • Tuesday, August 14 - Dr. Lawrence H. Schiffman [+]

    “The Dead Sea Scrolls and the History of Judaism”

    Lawrence Schiffman

    Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Yeshiva University

    Lawrence H. Schiffman was appointed to the team publishing the scrolls in the Oxford series “Discoveries in the Judean Desert” in 1991. He also served as editor-in-chief of the Oxford Encyclopedia of the Dead Sea Scrolls along with a colleague, and edited the journal “Dead Sea Discoveries” for 10 years.

    Dr. Schiffman’s expertise has made him a popular guest in several documentaries and educational series, including the PBS Nova series documentary “Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls,” and on the BBC, the McNeil-Lehrer program, Discovery and A&E.

    Dr. Schiffman was formerly the chair of New York University’s Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies, a fellow of the Institute for Advanced Studies of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and a fellow of the Annenberg Research Institute in Philadelphia, where he was part of a research team working on the unpublished scrolls.

  • Tuesday, August 21 - Dr. Ryan Stokes [+]

    “The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Origin of Satan”

    Ryan Stokes

    Assistant Professor of Old Testament, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

    Ryan Stokes is currently assistant professor of Old Testament and director of the manuscript research center at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has written a number of articles on the Old Testament, early Jewish literature and the Dead Sea Scrolls and is currently writing a book on beliefs about Satan during the biblical period. 

    He earned a Master of Arts in biblical languages from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and his doctorate in Old Testament and the Hebrew Bible from Yale University.

  • Tuesday, August 28 - Dr. Steven Collins [+]

    “Sodom: Discovery of a Lost City”

    Steve Collins

    Dean, College of Archaeology & Biblical History, Trinity Southwest University

    Steven Collins has been researching and lecturing on Near Eastern archaeology, biblical studies and apologetics for more than 30 years. From the libraries of Europe to the banks of the Nile, his extensive field experience has given him unique insights on the challenges of researching the biblical record from both the historical and scientific perspectives.

    Currently chief archaeologist and co-director of the Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project in Jordan, Dr. Collins lectures widely, and appears frequently on national and international television and radio programs. His rigorous investigation into the location of biblical Sodom is the subject of a new book (TSU Press) and documentary film (in process).

  • Tuesday, September 04 - Dr. Ziad Al-Saad [+]

    “The Lost Archaeological Treasures of Jordan”

    Ziad Al Saad

    Director General, Department of Antiquities of Jordan

    Ziad Al-Saad has been actively involved in the preservation and conservation of spectacular stone-carved monuments of the Nabatean city of Petra. Dr. Al-Saad served as vice president at German-Jordanian University and at Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan, where he is now dean of archaeology and anthropology, and where he teaches courses including archaeometry, ancient technology and Islamic archaeology.

    Born in Beityafa-Jordan, he holds a doctorate in conservation and analysis of archaeological materials from the University of London, a Master of Science in physical chemistry and a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from Yarmouk University.

  • Tuesday, September 11 - Dr. Emanuel Tov [+]

    “The Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls”

    Emmanuel Tov

    J. L. Magnes Professor of Bible Emeritus, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; former Editor-in-Chief, Dead Sea Scrolls Publication Project

    Emanuel Tov directs the Dead Sea Scrolls Publication Project, which has published more than 30 volumes since 1992.

    A professor at the Hebrew University, Dr. Tov has written numerous books and articles, including “Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible,” named the Best Book Relating to the Old Testament by the Biblical Archaeological Society in Washington in 1992. His several awards include the Emet Prize in Biblical Research, awarded to him by the Prime Minister of Israel, and the Samaritan Medal for Humanitarian Achievement, from the High Priest on Mt. Gerizim.

    Born in Amsterdam, Dr. Tov immigrated to Israel in 1961. He studied Bible and Greek literature at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and at Harvard University, and obtained his doctorate from the Hebrew University in 1973.

  • Tuesday, September 18 - Dr. James Hoffmeier [+]

    “Where is Mt. Sinai, and Why It Does Not Matter?”

    Jim Hoffmeir

    Professor of Old Testament & Ancient Near Eastern History and Archaeology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

    James Hoffmeier is currently working on the North Sinai Archaeological Project in the threatened areas of northern Sinai, per an appeal by the Egyptian Antiquities Organization. He also worked on the Akhenaten Temple Project in Luxor.

    Dr. Hoffmeier has appeared in and consulted for TV programs for the Discovery, History and Learning Channels, as well as National Geographic. He has served at Wheaton College as professor of archaeology and Old Testament, director of the archaeology program, and chairman of the department of biblical, theological, religious and archaeological studies.

    Born in Egypt, Dr. Hoffmeier earned his Bachelor of Arts from Wheaton College, and his Master of Arts and doctorate in philosophy from the University of Toronto.

  • Tuesday, September 25 - Dr. Bruce Zuckerman [+]

    "New Light on the Dead Sea Scrolls"

    Bruce Zuckerman

    Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible, School of Religion, University of Southern California; Director of the West Semitic Research Project and the InscriptiFact Project

    Bruce E. Zuckerman is a specialist in Northwest Semitic languages and biblical studies. He received his doctorate in ancient Near Eastern languages from Yale University, and now teaches courses in the Hebrew Bible, the Bible in Western literature, the ancient Near East and archaeology at the University of Southern California.

    Dr. Zuckerman also specializes in photographing ancient texts; he and his brother Kenneth did the principal photography for “The Leningrad Codex; A Facsimile Edition.”

    In 2006, Dr. Zuckerman was awarded the Albert S. Raubenheimer Award in the Humanities for “outstanding performance in the three areas of teaching, scholarship and service within the University.” This is the highest academic honor awarded by the USC College of Letters, Arts & Sciences.

  • Tuesday, October 02 - Dr. Yosef Garfinkel [+]

    “Khirbet Qeiyafa Excavations: New Light on King David”

    Yosef Garfinkel

    Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology and Archaeology of the Biblical Period, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

    Yosef Garfinkel is a world-renowned lecturer and a leading contributor in the field of archaeology. The head of the Berman Center for Biblical Archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, he holds multiple degrees, including a doctorate in archaeology.

    Dr. Garfinkel also served as the head of the archaeology program at the Rehovot extension of the Biblical Archaeology Department at the Institute of Archaeology, and has worked with a variety of other institutions including the Centre de Recherche Francais de Jerusalem, the Albright Institute of Archaeology and Cambridge University.

    Dr. Garfinkel is also the curator of the Museum at Kibbutz Sha'ar Hagolan.

  • Tuesday, October 09 - Dr. Kenneth Mathews [+]

    “The Living Among the Dead: The Leviticus Scroll”

    Kenneth Mathews

    Professor of Divinity, Old Testament, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University

    Kenneth Mathews authored “The Paleo-Hebrew Leviticus Scroll,” the first full study of the Leviticus Dead Sea Scroll, in collaboration with his colleague, David Noel Freedman. He also translated Leviticus for The New Living Translation, and is associate editor of the “Old Testament for the new Biblical Theology for Christian Proclamation Commentary Series.”

    Before coming to Beeson Divinity School in 1989, Mathews taught at Criswell College and was an adjunct professor at Dallas Baptist University. He is an ordained minister in the Southern Baptist Convention. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Dallas Baptist University, a Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, and both a Master of Arts and a doctorate from the University of Michigan.

  • Tuesday, October 23 - Dr. Martin Abegg [+]

    “The Influence of the Modern New International Version of the Bible on Ancient Jewish Scribes.”

    Martin Abegg

    Professor of Religious Studies, Trinity Western University; Co-Director, Dead Sea Scrolls Institute

    Martin Abegg is listed among Who’s Who in Biblical Studies and Archaeology. He collaborated with Professor Ben Zion Wacholder to release “A Preliminary Edition of the Unpublished Dead Sea Scrolls” which helped to break the scrolls publishing deadlock in 1991.

    A member of the Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation Board of Directors, the Institute of Biblical Research and the Society of Biblical Literature, Dr. Abegg is also on the Steering Committee of the Dead Sea Scrolls Section. He earned his doctorate at Hebrew Union College, with a dissertation that was a critical edition of the War Scroll from Qumran Cave 1.

  • Tuesday, October 30 - Dr. Tom Davis [+]

    “Archaeology, Cyprus and the Apostle Paul: New Evidence on the Transformation of Christianity”

    Tom Davis

    Professor of Archaeology and Biblical Backgrounds, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

    Thomas W. Davis’s archaeological career spans more than 30 years, and has included projects in Cyprus, Egypt, Jordan and the United States. A popular speaker, Dr. Davis has also lectured extensively in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

    Dr. Davis was formerly the director of the Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute in Nicosia, Cyprus, one of the premier archaeological research centers in the Eastern Mediterranean. He currently directs the Southwestern Seminary excavations at the early Christian site of Kourion, Cyprus.

    He holds a Bachelor of Arts in history and another in archaeology and Near Eastern studies from Wheaton College, as well as a Master of Arts and a doctorate in Syro-Palestinian archaeology from the University of Arizona.

  • Tuesday, November 27 - Dr. Amnon Ben-Tor [+]

    “Archaeology (Hazor) – Bible – Politics: the Unholy Trinity.”

    Amnon Ben Tor

    Yigael Yadin Professor in the Archaeology of Eretz Israel, Institute of Archaeology, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

    Amnon Ben-Tor is one of Israel’s leading archaeologists; he has been involved in a variety of projects, including those at Yoqne‘am, Tel Qashish and the Selz Foundation Hazor Excavations.

    Born in Jerusalem, he studied archaeology and Jewish history at Hebrew University. After completing his doctoral studies, he joined the archaeology faculty of his alma mater and has taught there ever since, serving as department chairman from 1974 to 1977. His tenure at Hebrew University has been interrupted twice by sabbaticals at American universities: Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Tuesday, December 04 - Dr. Weston Fields [+]

    “100 New Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments From Qumran Cave 4: How Did It Happen?”

    Weston Fields

    Director, Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation

    Weston W. Fields has traveled across the Middle East, Europe and the United States to interview every person he could find who was involved in the original excavation and examination of the Dead Sea Scrolls. He has amassed a large collection of papers and archives related to the first scrolls scholars, especially the famous Qumran Cave 4 Team.

    Over the past two decades, Dr. Fields has worked closely with the editors of the official publication of the scrolls, “Discoveries in the Judaean Desert,” and has himself published “The Dead Sea Scrolls: A Full History, Volume 1” and “The Dead Sea Scrolls: A Short History.” He earned his doctorate at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.